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This is the page dedicated to C|-|ris!


In my spare time im usually on the computer doing stuff or im playing Halo 2 over at Jakes House. I go to DHS and i am a Freshmen. I made the DHS varsity golf team ^_^

I got an acoustic guitar recently. Its a Johnson Dreadnought.If you are wondering what it looks like, its on the top of the page Ive Learned Some songs so far. Ive learned Top Gun Theme Song, a Phil Collins Song, and the Beginning of Sum 41.

My Favorite Movies:

1)Top Gun
2)Rush Hour 1 & 2
3)A Few Good Men
4)Tommy Boy
5)Freddy Got Fingered
6)A Night At The Roxbury

My Favorite Songs:

1)Coheed And Cambria - A Favor House Atlantic
2)Triville - Some Cut ft. Cutty
3)50 cent ft. Game - This Is How We Do
4)My Chemical Romance - Helena
5)Green Day - St. Jimmy's


Im running out of Ideas =[

Hope We Get a Good Grade