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This is the page Devoted to CounterStrike




What CounterStrike is all about...
CounterStrike is a first-person shooting game. You can play it online or single player. There are 2 teams that you pick from and are 4 different people you can be in the online play. In the non-online play you are a counter-terrorist and your object is to try to stop the terrorist from getting to a specific target. In most online enabled games the are teams, or clans, that you can join. I am in one of those clans. For more information on my clan please scroll down.

Offical Devgru| Website

I am currently a member of devgru|. my name is devgru|d3agl3 ^.^

We are currently registered for the Cal-O season and OGL.We are trying to get enough money from our members to buy a new server. We are hoping to get a EAST server. But the only problem is that we might not have enough money to pay for it! So if any of the other clan members are willing to give $3-5 a month to help with our new server costs that would be great!!



I have found some CounterStrike movies and i've had clan members tell me about some.

Cs Movie #1

Cs Movie #2

Cs Movie #3

Cs Movie #4


CounterStrike Rules

Hope We Get a Good Grade